December 2016

A visit to Krishanan and Murgeshan land located at Kanchipudi, Tiruvallur, Chennai , is proof that even the toughest land can bear fruit one day. Their land was barren and yields little under the rainfed agricultural systems that most of monsoon-dependent India farms on. As a solution towards self-reliance and income generation for these farmers, we provided them Mango saplings and skill development was imparted by introduction to various horticultural techniques. Under our constant supervision... Read more

November 2016

Ladakh, even a mention of its name portrays the rugged terrain of the Himalayas with thin air, sparse vegetation and hardly enough water. However, it has been far removed from its stereotype. The high altitude cold desert approximately 4000 meters above the sea level, was the site of our plantation drive to stop desertification and preserve environment. The horticulture scenario in Ladakh is grim. Scanty rainfall makes it a high-altitude desert with extremely scarce vegetation. Being in a... Read more
At SankalpTaru, we are committed to supporting innovations that work not just once or twice, but persistently—innovations that improve the lives of as many as possible for as long as possible. Our G1 mobile Application, where technology meets a noble cause-an innovative designed interactive program got recognized and honored with Vodafone Mobile for Good Awards as a Leading Change Maker. SankalpTaru’s G1 mobile application imparts a convenient platform for planters and patrons to plant trees... Read more
Students over the years have initiated various action projects and are gradually extending them to the community by making intelligent decisions about conservation and use of our valuable natural resources. Our Clean and Green School Program help connect students to the benefits of trees and foster environmental stewardship. Subsequent to our recent plantation drive in Anjanadri High School- Bengaluru, students are actively participating in nurturing their trees by adapting regular pruning and... Read more
A vision with action can change the world. Santhosh Reddy, our Green hero is a man on mission to plant trees and develop a sustainable eco-system. To fulfil his desire, he left his job and acquired knowledge regarding productive horticultural techniques which he could practice on his ancestral land. As they say,” What you need is passion and the path starts appearing before you”, with the help of SankalpTaru, Reddy is now producing mangoes by adapting Ultra-High density plantation technique in... Read more