August 2017

At SankalpTaru, our vigorous efforts intend towards connecting nature with technology, providing the mankind with innovations that can be used in replenishing the planet. While witnessing the fruits of success, we have added a new accolade to our initiatives. SankalpTaru Foundation has been selected by the WSA Grand Jury among 178 participating countries as one of the World‘s Best Digital mContent in the Category Environment and Green Energy. We have been awarded with the UN based World Summit... Read more
To mark India’s 71 years of independence, our team did a mass plantation in Pune and Bangalore on 15th August. The local communities zealously planted trees to celebrate India’s glory. Having served the nation for years, the young energetic army from Jalvayu Vihar, Pune planted a huge number of trees in the vicinity, pledging to nurture them with love and care. The event proved successful by the presence of Air Marshal AP Garud, bestowing our team’s green initiative by landing on ground and... Read more
After the doleful incident of infants’ death in Gorakhpur, the entire nation went into mourning. But SankalpTaru Foundation could not resist the pain of losing the young gems, perhaps our zealous team landed on the ground, planting 30 memorial trees as a tribute. Our initiative of planting oxygen cylinders intended towards developing a better environment for the coming cohorts. The planted trees would serve as a source of purifying the air. Also, while creating a greener world, they would... Read more
SankalpTaru Foundation in association with Venoor Living; a designer in home furniture, visions to develop a sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally accountable community. In the wake of fast-fashion and mass production, Venoor Living unites the spheres of sustainability and aesthetics to create exquisitely designed furniture while challenging the nature of consumerism. The dedicated teams are on a mission of overlaying Thar’s desolate land of unrelenting heat with the balm of... Read more
With a pledge of making Earth more greener and cleaner, NEC Technologies India Limited joined hands with SankalpTaru Foundation, planting trees in Nirashrithara Parihara Kendra, Bangalore. Project Protect Earth recognizes the importance of trees and aims to combat the environmental havoc created by humans. The campaign was an employee engagement activity where involving teams did plantation with the inmates of Nirashrithara Parihara Kendra which is a destitute center. Various species of fruit... Read more
Being a progressive farmer, Eramma; our farmer beneficiary from Karnataka had always been passionate about cultivating her land into a fruitful one. She had been previously growing various vegetables along with practicing dairy work but couldn’t earn a good living. As a solution towards self-reliance and income generation for Eramma, SankalpTaru Foundation encouraged her for agroforestry. We also helped her plant guava saplings under the Project- Hasiru Sankalpa. Water scarcity had continuously... Read more

June-July 2017

Working with a vision of developing a lush-green and bio-diverse sustainable world, SankalpTaru Foundation launched India’s First Tree Helpline Number. The initiative is a unique concept to instigate a platform for environmental conservation. Currently launched in 8 Cities, we are looking forward for active participation of the citizens. The helpline number was introduced with an aim of involving communities to rescue the city’s environmental treasure. As an individual, anyone can take a lead... Read more
Project Jeevika, a Rural Livelihood Support Program initiated by CMA CGM Group in association with SankalpTaru Foundation aimed at planting 2500+ trees in the arid region of Baramati, Maharashtra. The project was instigated to overcome the change in biotic pressures and scanty rainfall in Baramati. Through this horticulture based plantation, farmers that are willing, environmentally conscious and who have gone through a screening process, are given ownership of the fruit bearing trees. The... Read more
To maintain the business authenticity and a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives, thyssenkrupp Elevator India Pvt. Ltd. (tkEl) in collaboration with SankalpTaru Foundation pledged to make Earth greener and cleaner. The Project Protect Green Cities aimed towards planting 2000 tress in 6 Indian cities. The plantation campaign was an employee engagement activity, mobilizing individuals to connect with the nature. Spreading greenery with tkEl, SankalpTaru Foundation... Read more
At SankalpTaru, we solely believe in giving back to the nature in the form of thriving trees. Perpetuating the beauty of Himalayas, we pledged to plant trees at ecologically fragile hills of Uttarakhand. With a holistic approach of sustaining the environment, the program aimed at planting fruit and fodder bearing trees, resulting with a social impact of adding a huge number of beneficiaries to the project. While supporting the rural livelihood, we also intend towards promoting women empowerment... Read more