February 2017

Project Prakriti aims at teaching school kids the necessity of our environment by general green activities. The need for a sustainable environment and a green future is most impactful in school students as they become the torch bearers of tomorrow. Focusing on the concept of traffic lights kitchen garden vegetables were provided colors like Red for ‘Stop and Think’, Amber for ‘Go Slow’ and Green for ‘Go,’ which actually specified three colors of the traffic light. This science based activity... Read more
Transmuting the conventional farming methods, Thangaraj-our farmer beneficiary from Gudalur Village, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, was distressed due to low yield of cultivated silver oak trees on which pepper climbers grow. SankalpTaru has helped him by providing avocado saplings and has given him guidance and lessons on horticulture techniques along with several other skills. These skills will help him in carrying out farming scientifically and it has lately helped him enhance his livelihood by... Read more

January 2017

You might have seen continuous, greasy railway crossings but ever seen a garden providing a fantastic backdrop creating an ideal spot to watch the World go by. With outstanding commitment and passion, Sadanand, a railway gate operator at Kuchavaram station in outskirts of Hyderabad has grown and maintained a beautiful garden at backyard of the guard’s cabin. The sight of these beds, packed with traditional garden plants is amazing. Not only he appreciates the gift of nature in a beautiful... Read more
Trying to grow an orchard in the desert might sound like a funny, fruitless, idea but with strong determination and perseverance, SankalpTaru foundation has worked against the odds, in India’s Thar Desert, planting thousands of Pomegranate trees that are bearing fruits. It may come as a surprise that pomegranates are being grown in the harsh climatic conditions of Thar Desert, Rajasthan, where temperatures swing from extreme highs to low. The adverse climate conditions and water scarcity means... Read more
On the occasion of 68th Republic day, residents of Essel Towers, Gurgaon Sec-28, planted trees to celebrate India’s glory. In an effort to promote greenery, SankalpTaru Foundation gifted these saplings and elderly residents shared their experiences of green self-initiatives and pledged to take care of the saplings they planted. A society grows great when old men plant trees. Older people derive considerable pleasure and enjoyment from viewing nature, being and doing in nature which, in turn has... Read more
Mr. Purushottam, a progressive farmer from Baramati district, Maharashtra grows guavas that are not only giant but extremely sweet. While it is natural to see a water melon weighing more than 1kg, a guava that weighs more than 500gms surely comes as a surprise. He has planted nearly 7000 guava trees in 10 acres of land using Ultra High Density Plantation technique. Due to its size and sweetness, this variety of guava is fast becoming popular among many fruit growers. To transform the... Read more

December 2016

Natural forests and green cover combat air pollution to a large extend, Philips India Pvt.Ltd in collaboration with SankalpTaru Foundation with its "Breathe Clean Campaign" is determined to replenish the green cover by planting 10,000 trees. It is a diverse program where plantation will be supporting rural livelihood and creating green lungs for the cities. Trees are the best natural defense system against air pollution. They keep us safe from the effects of poor air quality and we can breathe... Read more
Solar energy is abundant and offers a solution to fossil fuel emissions and global climate change. There is a clear acknowledgement that clean energy can reduce emissions and help achieve global climate goals, Such rapid clean-energy growth will accelerate a positive feedback loop Solar energy is the largest exploitable renewal resource as more energy from sunlight strikes Earth in 1 hour than all the energy consumed by humans in an entire year. It is also appealing because stabilizing the... Read more
Plantation programs have been developed to meet the needs of farmers and with the main objective of protecting biodiversity. Regional farmers often leave their land in a state of undecided land use. When land is left undeveloped, it rarely approaches the potential for recreation opportunities Participation is the key to halt land degradation and ensures a self-enthusiastic and self-sustainable model. As one of the key objectives of our program, we not only plant trees but also consistently... Read more
With our vision to maintain biodiversity and generate economic opportunities for rural farmers, we have recently started our new plantation program "Green Shivalik" at Chhutmalpur, Uttar Pradesh. Located on foothills of Shivalik, nearby Rajaji National Park. Chutmalpur is known for highly fertile land and progressive farmers instrumental in various farming activities. However, based on our need assessment study, we found that marginal farmers do not have access to good quality saplings. These... Read more