April 2017

One Pledge, One Mission-To bring greenery in the cold desert of Leh Ladakh. Continuing desertification and the reduced amount of fuel and fodder to sustain the basic needs of population in Leh ladakh led us to intervene and develop a self-enthusiastic sustainable model to drive the growth of the region. Project Green Leh Ladakh is all set to solve these challenges through rural livelihood support program, where we are developing healthy sustainable alternatives for their farming issues. Through... Read more
Each year, Earth Day—April 22—marks the anniversary of what many consider to be the birth of the modern environmental movement. Various events are held on the day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It began in the US in 1970 as a day to celebrate the planet and encourage people to be more environmental friendly. This year SankalpTaru celebrated the World’s Birthday in a unique way. Our program focused on protecting the environment through various campaigns that discussed about... Read more
The urban citizen generates nearly 700 grams of solid waste per person per day which is nearly 250 kg in a year. More than half of what we carelessly throw into the trash is organic matter, which if composted, can produce rich top soil for our plants. So why do we just send our organic waste to the landfill? Bin Composting is a natural and affordable process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into fertilizer for your plants and garden. Follow these 5 effortless steps to compost your... Read more

March 2017

On 23rd March, SankalpTaru Foundation received a Special Recognition from the Jury at the Times Network Digital India Summit... Read more
On World Forestry Day, the City Based Plantation initiative of Kotak Life Insurance was launched by SankalpTaru Foundation. The program – Plant A Life - recognises the importance of trees and aims to expand the citywide green cover, reduce air pollution and the associated risks, and involve the local populace and bring people closer to nature. The goal is to plant a total of 15,000 trees in 4 major cities – Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad - creating a self-enthusiastic sustainable model... Read more
Project Protect Himalayas is not simply about planting trees. On World Forestry Day, SankalpTaru Foundation, along with the Uttarakhand Forest Department, conducted an awareness campaign on forest fires for the villagers in Kalsir. After the state witnessed a severe forest fire in 2016 which caused a devastating loss of biodiversity, SBI Foundation with SankalpTaru pledged to give back to the environment. Such programs in conjunction with tree planting are central to realizing the potential of... Read more
Peeping through the window to discover our future, we at SankalpTaru have been blessed as the WSA Mobile and Youthaward Winners. Among 40 winners SankalpTaru Foundation represented the richness and diversity of digital content globally. Our innovation is considered to make society more inclusive and efficient and contribute to a sustainable knowledge society. We, at SankalpTaru Foundation firmly believe in creating a wide socio- environmental impact by planting trees at the places where it... Read more
A Green School Initiative taken by Philips India in collaboration with SankalpTaru Foundation has enhanced our sustainable environment for a green future. The collaboration has widened its perspective by not only planting trees but also educating the young minds by involving school children in green activities and planting drive in their school. A total of 150 trees have been planted in Government High School, Chikkabanavara, Bangalore, as part of the green school initiative. The enthusiasm of... Read more

February 2017

If children could design their own play spaces – what would they look like? A ‘Green Mound’ in Garal School, Barmer, Rajasthan was developed by the students of the school. This innovative idea of having a self-constructed small hill like green mound is a smashing hit in the district with a novel message. SankalpTaru has helped these little ones in fighting back the topographical challenges and water resource management problems the place faces like water shortage and hence, micro- drip... Read more
Well, with SankalpTaru it is not just the development of farmers but it is the development of their whole family. Development in terms of growth, knowledge, financial support and of course happiness. Our “Green Champions” are the kids of our farmer beneficiaries from Banaskantha, Gujarat who are aware about growing their own plants, protecting their saplings and nurturing them as well. They are well trained for supporting a green life and hence growing their own food. These kids are not mere... Read more