January 2018

To plant is not just his passion, but a determination of transforming his region to a green paradise. Stzewang Dolma, our farmer beneficiary from Leh Ladakh was vexed about the plight of his village Skindyang, as an outcome of which he initiated the plantation of apple and apricot orchards on his field. Nurturing the plants with utmost care and affection, Dolma sees in them a ray of hope leading towards a greener and sustainable tomorrow. Despite of the adverse weather conditions Ladakh had... Read more

December 2017

As new year marks the beginning of a fresh journey, SankalpTaru intends to bring together communities for a common cause of conserving environment through tree plantation. To delight Christmas and New Year eve in a green essence, we instigated #GifTree; Merry with Glee campaign with a sole aim of encouraging people to plant a tree as an endowment to their beloved ones on this festive season. Landing down in 2018 with positivity and fresh vibes, #GifTree was our mission to escalate a green... Read more
While vigorously getting digitalized, our technology world requires us to keep heading with regular new interventions to our work. SankalpTaru Foundation strongly adheres to the importance of adapting innovative ideas and so we are now inclined towards presenting our green programs through a video channel on our website. This would help us to rightly portray the hard work of our coordinators and beneficiaries done on-ground, displaying the amazing plantation thrill through videos. SankalpTaru... Read more
The year 2017 had been an amazing green crusade for SankalpTaru Foundation. Planting trees from Ladakh’s majestic mountains to the coasts of Tamil Nadu, we could successfully expand our green footprints this year. On our mission of sprinkling prolific greenery to India’s every corner, through our various plantation drives we mobilized communities regarding environmental conservation and unveiled their concerns for becoming compassionate towards Mother Nature. Wrapping all plantation adventures... Read more
To embellish Uttarakhand Himalayas with greenery stretched to its every corner, SankalpTaru vigorously planted trees in the region, amid of which, unwanted grass and weeds grown on plantation fields became a major concerning issue. Through Ghasyari; a grass chopping competition held at the Nauli Gram Panchayat of Chamoli district, we intended to overcome this issue innovatively. To the astonishment was the amazing zeal displayed by Uttarakhand natives on ground which eventually proved our... Read more
It could be nowhere wrong calling trees as human saviors. After all, these green living gifts have been of huge potential for sustaining our lives over decades. As a part of this universe, it is the responsibility of mankind to not only plant trees but also nurture them affectionately. To encourage communities towards the initiative of giving back to Mother Nature through tree plantation, SankalpTaru Foundation planted huge number of trees in Uttarakhand Himalayas under Project Protect... Read more
To transform the snowy land of Leh Ladakh to a green patch, our dedicated coordinators transported healthy apple saplings from Kullu to Ladakh. These saplings were selected from a nursery in Kullu, which were then wrapped with wet mosses so as to prevent them from losing their moisture. Although harsh weather conditions became a major stumbling block for our enthusiasts, but their immense dedication couldn't derail them from the mission. The green living beings have now reached Ladakh where our... Read more
‘Planting for the people, by the people’ had been our sole aim since inception. Along with nourishing environment, every tree we plant sustains the livelihood of all beneficiaries associated with us. With the same vision of sprinkling joy in the lives of Bangalorean vagabonds, we landed at Nirashrithara Parihara Kendra(NPK); a destitute center in Bangalore and planted fruit bearing trees with its inmates, who will be trained over horticulture and fertigation techniques to nurture their saplings... Read more

November 2017

The unwanted grass and weeds grown on plantation fields were somewhere harming the embellishing beauty of Himalayan trees. With an extremely innovative method of overcoming the issue, SankalpTaru Foundation for the first time organized Ghasyari, a grass chopping battle in Uttarakhand Himalayas. Competition was held at the Nauli Gram Panchayat of Chamoli district, witnessing an active participation from Uttarakhand women who made a tremendous feat by chopping 5 Kgs of fodder grass in mere 3... Read more
While planting trees in the varied diversities of India, we have always aimed towards uplifting the livelihood of various communities by our plantation campaigns. Thus, SankalpTaru once again instigated one of such initiatives through Project Nilgiris. Started in the Gudallur town of Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu, the campaign is a mission to connect the tribals to their environment. Under the project, huge number of trees have been planted at tribal schools and local areas with a vision to... Read more