February 2018

CMA CGM and SankalpTaru Foundation instigated Project Jeevika as an ambitious initiative to enhance the living of poor and marginal farmers in Pune, Maharashtra. Under the project, a total of 2,650 fruit-bearing trees were planted on the lands of identified farmers in Baramati. During the month of February, 2018, CMA CGM conducted a site visit to audit their tree plantation and the way saplings are being nurtured. The authorities were extremely delighted to observe a tree survival rate of more... Read more
At SankalpTaru, we’ve been expanding our green footprints through the length and breadth of India with our each planted tree. Heading forward with the same staunch, SankalpTaru Foundation and TATA Power are collaboratively about to embark on a green revolution in Rann of Kutch for which our team has recently conducted a survey in the region to identify apt plantation blocks. The major aim behind initiating massive plantation in Kutch district of Gujarat is to expand green cover over the arid... Read more
Since its inception in 2016, Project Harit Udaan- a collaborative initiative by Honda motorcycle and Scooter India and SankalpTaru Foundation has been benefitting around 153 rural farmer families from Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat and Karnataka. Our recent visit at the plantation blocks of associated project farmers made us completely overwhelmed through the amazing valuable feedback we received from the beneficiaries and their family members, who were highly thankful to HMSI and SankalpTaru team... Read more
SankalpTaru had always believed in uplifting women as they are the biggest asset to a sustainably flourishing tomorrow. With us, each women’s green contribution counts and their staunch towards our mission motivates us to keep going in expanding the tree cover. Annapurna, our women farmer beneficiary from Chikmagalur, Karnataka is a similar diligent soul who is also a great support in helping us plant more and more trees. Although her village faces several environmental and agricultural issues... Read more

January 2018

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with SankalpTaru Foundation initiated a mission to increase the green cover over denuded areas and support rural livelihood under Project Harit Udaan. Started way back in 2016, the project had so far benefitted around 153 farmer families, proliferating a greener delight in their lives. Finally, the sheer hard work done by project beneficiaries on their plantation blocks is getting paid off successfully with a good growth of all... Read more
At SankalpTaru, we plant for the people and by the people, aiming towards achieving a greener and healthier environment for everyone. Planting and rejoicing, this time we landed in the ‘Pearl City of India’ to enhance its beauty with living green pearls of our nature. Hyderabad although is one of the rapidly developing cities of India, but its atmosphere is eventually facing various issues due to increasing population. To spread over a healthy and pure air in the city, SankalpTaru Foundation... Read more
Uttarakhand Himalayas known for their peaceful greenery have always had an enchanting charm which motivated us to plant more and more in this ‘Land of Gods’. Associating with SankalpTaru Foundation, Reckitt Benckiser has initiated a green approach of planting huge number of trees in Tehri region of Uttarakhand. A mass plantation of walnut saplings has already been started in the region, which would eventually support rural livelihood along with reinforcing greenery. With the growth of these... Read more
Light Speed Mobility Pvt. Ltd. and SankalpTaru Foundation have successfully carried out the tree plantation and tree gifting program in Sangli, Maharashtra. The project is a Rural Livelihood Support Program under which mango saplings have been planted with a close monitoring and supervision of the project coordinators. Ahead under this project, all associated farmers would be trained on their skill set to nurture the plants in a better and enhanced manner. As these plants would grow to healthy... Read more
#IOwnATree is simply an initiative taken by ICICI Bank Private Banking in association with SankalpTaru Foundation to reinforce a green patch in Andhra Pradesh. Our mission behind the plantation is to overcome the fluctuating weather conditions in Anantapur district of AP. Under the campaign, guava saplings have been planted on the identified rural farmers’ land who would tend their plants with regular nourishment. With their good growth, the plants would not only support rural livelihood but... Read more
SankalpTaru Foundation works on the motto of bringing into action a green spin where each individual citizen would realize their responsibility of conserving the environment by planting trees and adapting eco-friendly living. While planting trees across the length and breadth of India, what gives us more energy and motivation is to see the expanding outreach of our plantation campaigns. Through various timely media mentions in the local and national newspapers, our mission of planting for an... Read more