March 2018

Yet each day is a special one to gratify our beautiful ladies, International Women’s Day is a strong reminder of their intense dedication and our pigeon to honor them in return. To celebrate womanhood with greenery, SankalpTaru Foundation initiated #NurturedByHer campaign and marked Women's Day with an urge to plant a tree on behalf of the women who have been fostering our lives with their selfless love and care. As a part of the campaign, we also planted more than 100 fruit-bearing trees on... Read more
Dettol SiTi Shield’s #HarSaansSwachh initiative by Reckitt Benckiser was launched on 10th March by Uttarakhand CM; Trivendra Singh Rawat at Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh. He instigated the project by planting the pioneer tree as a hope to combat environmental impurities and escalate a green wave all around. The campaign is all set to rejuvenate nature with greenery and fresh air, under which SankalpTaru Foundation would be planting 2 lakh trees across basins of River Ganges and Yamuna,... Read more
Working with an immense thrill and vigor to rejuvenate the entire planet with lush green trees, team SankalpTaru observed its annual meet; Haritarang 2018 in Thar, Rajasthan. ST team commemorated the event with Mother Nature by planting various saplings at Nimbla, Thar desert. Also, our ST Coordinators operational across India came together and planted a Peepal sapling, nourishing it with the soil of their respective states. As our ‘ST Tree’ planted at Nimbla would grow healthily, it would... Read more
Over the past decade, Delhi’s highly rising pollution levels have become a grave concern for India and its natives. Perturbed by the issue and adhering to its responsibility towards increasing green cover, SankalpTaru Foundation had always been planting huge number of trees in the capital city. With the same staunch, our team organized a plantation drive in Delhi NCR, where an active participation was observed from the local residents and SankalpTaru volunteers who along with planting saplings... Read more
Project Sabujoday- an initiative by Technip FMC and SankalpTaru Foundation is a green mission to develop a healthy environment for the present and future generations. As a Rural Livelihood Support Program, the project would observe plantations in three phases at various rural locations in Maharashtra, under which the first phase plantation has already completed with 2000 trees planted on rural farmers’ land at Vidarbha, Maharashtra. Vidarbha region in Maharashtra had been facing huge farmers’... Read more
To honor the diligent cops of Delhi NCR, NASSCOM Foundation and SankalpTaru Foundation planted huge number of trees at Police lines, Surajpur, Greater Noida, where an active participation was observed from the region’s cops who enthusiastically planted trees to render their services to Mother Nature. The major aim behind our plantation was to reinforce a pure and healthy environment in the capital city and to also revere the cops who’ve been making it for the security of Delhi NCR and its... Read more
Mohan Jamdade, our farmer beneficiary from Baramati, Maharashtra clearly stands as a symbol of true determination and diligence towards one’s vision and goals. With his passion of nurturing his trees and growing them healthily, Jamdade had come a long way in developing a beautiful Guava orchard at his land, while surpassing even the gravest water scarcity issue in his village. Being a marginal farmer, he also practices intercropping and is growing onion simultaneously on his field to earn a... Read more

February 2018

The love season brought in by Valentines week is an amazing way to express love and gratification for our dear ones. To add a green touch and give an all new way to the celebrations, SankalpTaru Foundation initiated #TreeForMyValentine campaign which focused at spreading a message of green love and extracting the mesmerized aura from O2 by planting trees with or for our loved ones. We had a special message for each day of the valentines week, which urged towards moving ahead... Read more
Nearing to the closure of 2017-18 financial year, everyone’s hustle to contribute for the maximum tax exemption has begun and so SankalpTaru Foundation has introduced #TaxFreeTrees campaign to profit people by saving maximum amount of their income tax. #TaxFreeTrees is a sustainable and unique method of donating trees and availing tax exemption up to 50% under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The campaign is an initiative to motivate individuals towards contributing for... Read more
ICICI Bank (Business Banking) associated with SankalpTaru Foundation to embark on a mission of proliferating green delight in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra under #IOwnATree campaign. Identifying various rural farmers in the targeted regions for the project, plantation of total 5,216 trees has been completed, wherein native species and fruit bearing saplings were planted. As a Rural Livelihood Support Program, each sapling planted through the project would enhance... Read more