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As a responsible corporate, what do you get from SankalpTaru?

A CSR project is a responsibility of the corporates to the society. Being responsible, you would expect efficient on-ground execution, regular updates, transparent reporting and PR mileage from the NGOs you have engaged. We at SankalpTaru offer you end to end delivery as we create a socio-environmental impact and our online platform brings you comprehensive reporting and transparency in the process. This is customized on your exclusive corporate forest page which can be linked to your website. Our digital platform brings maximum mileage and publicity to your efforts.

Go beyond a traditional CSR program and make it more visible and engaging. While together we run the show online and on-ground, you can invite different stakeholders to join the movement and offer them many reasons and occasions to Go Greener:

  1. Build an organization wide green social network by making your employees and other stake holders plant on your company’s exclusive virtual forest developed by SankalpTaru

  2. Gift your employees and customers an ECOde which allows them to plant a tree with just one click from their mobile phones or desktops

  3. Celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and festivals. Mark momentous occasions like client visit, conference or product launches

  4. We also welcome opportunities wherein corporate employees join us on ground and plant trees by themselves and interact with beneficiaries and local community members

  5. As we strive to grow every sapling into a Tree, our hard work on ground results into a wide socio-environmental impact and also help corporate sponsors to build a bond with communities

We are associated with reputed corporates in their noble initiatives. To name a few are Indian Oil, Cairn India Ltd, TATA Housing, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Idea Cellular, Google India, Hitachi Home and Life Solutions, Kirloskar, Blue Star, Mitsubishi Elektric, Tyco, Ingersoll Rand, Grundfos, L&T Valves, Hilti , ISHRAE, Pal System and Verse.

We have co-created a wide impact by associating with several corporates. Glimpses of our journey:

  • We have executed projects in the most arid and barren areas such as Barmer, Rajasthan and Leh Ladakh, J&K and developed several forests in middle these deserts

  • We have grown Mango orchards for tribal villagers in Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh. This program has benefited more than 50 underprivileged farmers, majority of which are women

  • Our “Clean and Green Schools” program has extended its footprint to more than 200 schools across India

  • We have connected more than 15,000 corporate professionals and individuals with more than 1,00,000 trees planted by SankalpTaru on ground and extended support to more than 7,000 beneficiaries in the process

The above figures aren’t mere numbers. They are a stepping stone to our vision which is to develop a lush-green and a bio-diverse sustainable world for the future generations.

We are associated with reputed corporates in their noble initiatives. To name a few are Cairn India Ltd, TATA Housing, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Idea Cellular, Google India, Indian Oil, ISHRAE and Verse.
Here are few case studies which showcase our customized yet flexible approach to cater to different requirements of our corporate sponsors:-

Case Study 1 - Clean and Green Schools Project

Corporate Sponsor: Cairn India Ltd.

Project Description: Few government schools in the desert of Thar, Rajasthan have been adopted. We plant trees within the campus and school community is encouraged to further maintain and nurture trees. To make the model self-enthusiastic, we create environmental awareness among students and teachers. We form Eco-clubs, conduct talk-events and quizzes and also show educational movies to create this ecosystem where everyone feels responsible to protect and maintain planted trees. Best performing schools are rewarded with utility items like computers, water coolers and RO water purifiers.

Besides this program, till date SankalpTaru has developed around 500 green schools in states Uttarakhand, Leh Ladakh (J&K) and Andhra Pradesh.

Impact: A more than 15,000 fruit bearing and medicinal trees have been planted and around 17,000 students studying in various project schools have been mobilized. Momentum of this self-enthusiastic and self-sustainable project can be estimated by the fact that students feel attached to the trees planted around them and as a result of regular upkeep there is an excellent survival rate of more than 96% in the highly arid region.
Under the aegis of Project Shrishti, mass plantation is being carried out at villages Chokhla, Goliya Jetmal of Barmer and Sanchore town of Jallore districts.

Case Study 2 - Plantation drive in outskirts of Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Corporate Sponsor: Arvind Smart Value Homes (A JV of Tata Housing Ltd and Arvind Mills Ltd.)

Project Description: ASVH took up this green initiative to plant trees as a CSR with SankalpTaru by starting plantation of fruit bearing trees in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. To add value to the program, we developed an employee connect program where they will be planting trees on SankalpTaru website and we in-return planted the trees on-ground in the plantation site at Gandhi Nagar. There were many challenges faced during the project. The initial challenge faced was to find a plantation site in Gandhi Nagar. We approached many land owners, but they did not recognise the value of plantation of trees on their lands. Their thoughts were that the land could be used for business purposes, and other profitable ideas and activities. There were a few cynical smiles and shaking of heads when this project was launched. Some said it would never happen while others failed at first to see its reason for being. They were apprehensive in giving their lands to us. But after a lot of exploring and convincing, we found Mr.Narendra Bhai Patel, a passionate farmer who was very optimistic about our project completely supported us by giving his land for plantation. Even after acquiring the land, the sceptical talks among the locals who were carrying out the plantation, continued. Many wondered about the risks involved in this project.

Impact: Inspite of heavy rains soon after the plantation, the young saplings today are beautifully growing into fruit bearing trees. Today the locals, who were once sceptical about this project, have come around to realize how vital and fruitful, it is for their lives and are investing their faith in us. They have also vowed to grow orchards instead of selling their land to grow a concrete jungle on them.

Case Study 3 - Rural Livelihood Support Program through Forestry at Talupula village of Andhra Pradesh

Corporate Sponsor: ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers)

Project Description: : In 2013, ISHRAE and SankalpTaru partnered together to keep its commitment to make planet greener and support rural livelihood. More than one thousand delegates from ISHRAE used an online platform to remotely plant trees in drought prone Talupula village of Andhra Pradesh. With support from ISHRAE a horticulture based farming project was initiated in this adopted village with an aim to improve the livelihoods of the poor. A wide range of fruit bearing plants such as Mango, Jamun, Sapota were cultivated in beneficiary farmers’ land, majority of which were underprivileged tribal villagers. ISHRAE and SankalpTaru also developed a cooperative water harvesting pit along with the other farmers to ensure continued upkeep of planted trees. Workshops are also being conducted to provide knowledge of agro-forestry techniques to enable them to grow cereal crop and vegetables in the same field and train them in understanding the value of growing and protecting diverse forests.

Impact: As a year has passed, together we have created a self-sustainable model where farmers are nurturing trees with a very healthy survival rate. Contribution from ISHRAE has gone a long way in adding green patches in this arid village and brining early signs of prosperity in the lives of poor farmers. The program has already grown 5000 fruit trees and reached out to more than 30 underprivileged beneficiaries.

Project Shrishti – A Community Plantation Program

Corporate Sponsor: Cairn India Ltd.

Project Description: :A total barren land of more than 50 hectares owned by various Gram Panchayats of Barmer and Jallore Districts of Rajasthan, is being turned into forest. A totally inclusive activity by the entire community, the forest blocks are being developed on a ‘build, grow and transfer’ basis. The developed forest block will be handed back to the respective Gram Panchayats after 3 years and would act as a source of fuel, fodder and fruits for local communities.
In addition to create greenery in the region, the project aims at stimulating a community participation driven eco-system which work towards reviving dry water bodies, nurturing existing plant species which otherwise struggles to grow in lack of upkeep and promote bio-diversity.

LocationArea(Ha)Common Species PlantedTotal Number of Trees PlantedDescription
Chokhla12Neem, Khejri, Gulmohar10000The plantation site is middle of two sand dunes and is home to many reptiles, rabbits and cats. Plantation block has been developed with its natural landscape maintained. Several hedges, bushes and which already existed in the plantation block were also adopted.
Golia Jetmal25Neem, Khejri, Gulmohar17000 Plantation block has been developed with its natural landscape maintained. Several hedges, bushes and Khejri trees which already existed in the plantation block were also adopted.
Sanchore Town15Neem, Ardu (Ailanthus)7000Plantation block is being developed on a barren ground where annual cattle fair is organized. A water body inside the plantation block is also developed. The project aims to provide shade and fodder to cattle and is also expected to attract few birds to the developed water body

SankalpTaru recognizes the fact that your green initiatives must get noticed and bring you the maximum mileage. We offer you, as a corporate, a comprehensive digital platform that helps you promote your green initiatives among your employees, customers and other stakeholders and position yourself as a Green Brand.

You plant a tree with us online, while we make it happen on ground with your branding! Your corporate green forest showcases your total contribution, total number of trees planted, total CO2 reduction, trees planted by the employees and dignitaries – making them grow a social network of trees.

We demystify and promote your green sustainability for your audience, using subtle yet effective digital promotion to present your brand’s green activities and practices at events and conferences. Moreover our toiling efforts on ground also enable you to connect with the beneficiary community and develop everlasting bond with them.

They say ‘the best carbon is the one that is avoided.’

But how would you offset the residual emission that you have not yet been able to avoid?

Did you know that 6 trees are needed to offset a carbon footprint of 1 tonne of CO2?

With the carbon from trees you can compensate or offset your carbon footprint and work towards carbon neutrality.

Calculate your carbon footprint through our carbon footprint calculator application, "Green Quotient" and we will design an effective yet customized plantation program for you.

Looking to start the most efficient and responsible CSR Program? What better way to do it than support the environment and livelihood? Please get in touch and let’s get started!

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