TAX Free Campaign

Nearing to the closure of 2017-18 financial year, everyone’s hustle to contribute for the maximum
tax exemption has begun. But SankalpTaru has a sustainable solution to all your worries!

SankalpTaru Foundation brings to you an exceptionally unique method of donating for a healthier, secured and better future through trees. Your each tree contribution make you eligible for a tax saving of 50% under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

After-all, planting trees and giving life to nature’s green living beings is another way of doing good to the society and availing tax deductions under section 80G, alongside.

Why Donate Trees?
Do something social
Living for oneself is almost the same run all of us are working for, but to benefit others through our small contributions is an amazing effort each individual can make towards the society and its people.
Avail tax relaxation
The more number of trees you donate, the more tax exemption you avail and get to save up to 50% of tax through your green donations.
Rejuvenate environment
Give an environmental path to all your contributions by planting trees and spread a greener delight filled with pure and healthy air.