Tree For Life, Tree For Ambuj

Tree For Life, Tree For Ambuj

  • A fundraising program that not only extends helping hand to ailing patient but also brings greenery to planet
  • Online contribution to raise funds and plant trees with few clicks







Ambuj was diagnosed with Leukemia ( Blood Cancer) at a young age of 32 in 2010 . Since then he has lost all his strength, willpower and finances to fight this battle. He’s a trained Engineer and is supporting his wife (non-working), seven years old daughter. His family including his elder brothers and aged parents have exhausted all the resources to support his further treatment. His brothers unfortunately do not match for Bone Marrow Transplant so an expensive external source is being explored. Shall we deny Ambuj the treatment he needs and deserves because money was not raised??? NO Let us not deny our support both financially and emotionally to Ambuj. Lets plant a tree to support Ambuj’s battle with cancer and also re-green the arid region of Nimbla ,Thar Rajasthan. Thus enriching the biodiversity and providing sustainable livelihood options to local communities of the desert.