Project Shyamolima

Project Shyamolima

  • To provide sustainable options to marginal farmers of West Bengal
  • Fruit bearing trees like mango, guava, etc. are provided to the farmers to sustain their livelihood.
  • To strengthen the nutritional and economical status of the farmer beneficiaries
  • To mobilize local communities and making them environment conscious
  • To create a self-sustainable model for the project beneficiaries and maintaining trees for long term







Location: Bankhuda and Purulia district, West Bengal

Species Planted: Mango, Guava, etc.

Environmental and Social Impact: As a major agricultural producer, West Bengal is said to have good farming interventions. However, based on our need assessment study, we found that the state’s marginal farmers do not receive a good return over their crops. The saplings transformed to fruitful blooming trees are failing to sustain the lives of rural farmers due to their low selling rates. Helping the marginal farmers in Bankhuda and Purulia districts of West Bengal with fruit-bearing saplings like mango, guava etc., we aim towards extending the livelihood opportunities for them. Project Shyamolima would promote biodiversity through development of a sustainable plantation program, thus, creating efficient and effective self-enthusiastic model for the project beneficiaries. As the orchards would flourish with well-maintained trees, the beneficiaries would bear the fruits of their hard work.