Project Nilgiris,Tamil Nadu

Project Nilgiris,Tamil Nadu

  • To provide sustainable options to marginal farmers through horticultural activities
  • To add fruit bearing trees to the bio-diverse region which currently has shade giving trees in abundance
  • To meet nutritional needs of farmers by providing them options to grow fruits beneficial for their health
  • To create an eco-system wherein farmers equally participate in nurturing and upkeep of trees which results in higher survival rate


Trees Planted




Survival Rate

SankalpTaru is working with marginal farmers in Puliyanparai village, Gudalur Taluk, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India. Puliyanparai is located amidst teagardens and lush green forests. Although this region has plenty of shade giving trees, but based on our need assessment study, there is a necessity for fruit bearing trees. This project aims to meet nutritional needs of the villagers and also provide sustainable livelihood options.