Project Hasiru Sankalpa

Project Hasiru Sankalpa

  • To overcome the biotic pressure and scanty rainfall in the region and regenerating the water table
  • To reinforce agriculture in the regions of Karnataka
  • To sustain the livelihood of the farmer beneficiaries through fruit bearing trees
  • To strengthen the nutritional and economical status of the marginal farmers in the state
  • To mobilize local communities and making them environment conscious




Rural Areas



Location: Karnataka

Species Planted: Mango and Guava

Environmental and Social ImpactWater scarcity had continuously been a concerning agricultural issue in Karnataka. Due to scanty rainfall and lack of sufficient water resources, the state had faced several agrarian crises resulting an increased rate of farmer suicides. Perturbed by the adverse plight of farmers in Karnataka, SankalpTaru Foundation pledged to plant fruit bearing trees in various regions of the state. Through our green initiative, we intend towards sustaining rural livelihood, overcoming the fluctuations in biotic pressures and aiding agricultural practices. Despite the unfavorable topography, our team is strenuously planting trees along with mobilizing the communities in Karnataka. Also, our action plan would assist the farmer beneficiaries in all possible ways.