Project Green Deccan

Project Green Deccan

  • To give a medium to the corporate to plant trees from their desktops and mobiles
  • To improve livelihood from the fruits that the trees will bear
  • To channelize support to promote environmental awareness among masses
  • To establish agro forestry approach
  • To involve students in planting and nourishment of trees
  • To augment drip- irrigation system







Location: Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh

Species Planted: Mango and Guava

SankalpTaru Foundation is working in the village of Talupula in the Anatapur District of Andhra Pradesh because this village suffers from frequent droughts and adverse weather conditions for growing crops. This village has a high agricultural related suicide rate because of failed crops and drops in market process. The Rural Livelihood Support through agroforestry project has been launched to improve the villagers’ livelihoods and provide a sustainable income for their families.

This project has brought the people together, they now share resources and have created a cooperative atmosphere with one another.
Love the work SankalpTaru has done with the community