Green Responsibility Outsourcing

Green Responsibility Outsourcing

  • Connect people with trees so that they build and emotional touch and take charge to protect them
  • Provide a visible and transparent online platform to our corporate sponsors
  • Create a self sustainable ecosystem which still flourishes in long term
  • Add multiple social themes around a typical tree plantation program – livelihood support, women self-help group creation, watershed restoration and livestock management









We at SankalpTaru Foundation, take great pride in providing an end-to-end green community experience for our corporate clients. Our services extend from community plantation to making schools greener. Here is how we supported a Oil and Gas corporate with Green Community offering in the arid deserts of Thar in Rajasthan


PROJECT BACKGROUND A total barren land of more than 50 hectares owned by various Gram Panchayats of Barmer and Jallore Districts of Rajasthan, is being turned into forest. A totally inclusive activity by the entire community, the entire forest block is being developed on a ‘build, grow and transfer’ basis. The developed forest block will be handed back to the respective Gram Panchayats after 3 years and would act as a source of fuel, fodder and fruits for local communities.


“SankalpTaru has provided me the job and made my village greener” - Hanuman Ram, Golia Jetmal Village, Barmer, Rajasthan
“I am impressed with the progress made” - Dr. Veerappa Moily, Ex Cabinet Minister – Petroleum and Natural Gas, GOI