Breathe Fresh Campaign

Breathe Fresh Campaign

  • Fruit bearing, medicinal and flower bearing trees were planted across seven cities(200 trees per city)
  • The volunteers from Boston Scientific along with their family and friends participated in plantation at Suvidha Ashram (orphanage) in Hyderabad
  • The members of Care Club enthusiastically participated in plantation at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai where 84 trees were planted in the college and 116 trees were planted with rural farmers of adjoining villages
  • Community based plantation was done in Ahmedabad whereas trees were planted in an Ayurvedic farm in Mumbai
  • Trees were planted in Govt. schools in Bengaluru, a tribal school in Pune and two other schools in Kolkata
  • Thus patriots of India took a pledge to care and nurture the planted trees thereby contributing to a Greener India







We, at SankalpTaru Foundation firmly believe in creating a wide socio-environmental impact by planting trees at the places where it makes a difference. Our innovative technology enabled and on-ground excellence based model connects together – corporates, individuals , rural farmers and students . We maintain utmost transparency and visibility in the entire process.. As they say “We don’ just plant!”


Boston Scientific joined hands with SankalpTaru on a very prestigious occasion of 69th Independence Day of India to keep its commitment to make planet greener and to gain freedom to breathe fresh. It was an employee engagement initiative by which trees were planted by volunteers from Boston Scientific in seven cities across India simultaneously to mark the Independence Day with pride.