How It Works

SankalpTaru provides you a patented online platform powered by GPS and social technologies to plant trees from anywhere in the world at a location you desire. Apart from adding to the green space and promoting bio-diversity, every tree that you plant helps to support rural livelihoods.


Plant trees from anywhere in the world at click of a mouse GPS technology helps planters to stay connected with their trees Our social platform enables you to build a green network You can roam around the SankalpTaru forest and spot trees planted by friends and celebrities Share your contribution with friends through social media

SankalpTaru Operational Models

At the time when the dawn of each new day brings with it melting ice caps, increasing gaps in ozone hole and global warming, we at SankalpTaru are instrumental in planting and nurturing trees to bring life and hope to the planet. We don’t just plant but through our various operational models we create a wide socio-environmental impact and add greenery where it matters a lot. Till date we have added green zones in cold desert of Leh Ladakh, hot desert of Thar, Rajasthan, landslide affected areas of Uttarakhand Himalayas, drought challenged villages of Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh and tribal villages of Tamil Nadu & West Bengal. We are also operational in cities of Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad. Therefore there is a bit of SankalpTaru in the air across India! For us, we haven't inherited the environment from our ancestors but only borrowed it from our children.

Rural Livelihood Support Program

  • Our on-ground coordinators work closely with these beneficiary farmers in maintaining and nurturing trees
  • We also train these beneficiaries on sustainable farming methods which results into self- sustainable and self-enthusiastic program in long term
  • Once grown, these medicinal and fruit bearing trees act as source of livelihood for the beneficiaries
  • We don’t’ just plant but create a wide socio-environmental impact – women empowerment, poverty alleviation, biodiversity promotion and greening of degraded land

Clean and Green School Program

  • Involve school students and teachers in the plantation activity
  • Use certain interventions – workshops, educational movies, practical training to achieve self-enthusiastic ecosystem
  • Develop sense of responsibility among school community so that they nurture planted trees in long term
  • Carry out cleanliness drives and also inculcate habit of cleanliness and hygiene among students


Plantation at Panchayat or Community Land

  • Plant trees in community land and Create an ecosystem wherein community members are engaged in growing and nurturing trees in long term
  • Promote bio-diversity by planting native species and also create a natural habitat
  • Develop a plantation based rural livelihood program
  • Create a self-sustainable ecosystem which flourishes beyond the upkeep and maintenance period
  • Empower villagers especially rural women and improving their livelihoods by training them on producing allied agro products (non-timber forest products)

City Plantation Programs

  • Create carbon sinks and natural habitat in and around cities
  • Provide means to city residents to go-greener and involve them in planting and maintaining trees
  • Extend Clean and Green Program to city schools wherein students are engaged in planting trees, growing vegetables and also learn various aspects of environmental conservation